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Microsoft Office Course


Microsoft Office Course


This Course is designed to provide firsthand Computer knowledge to the trainees. This will be beneficial for the new user of the computer who are using computer for the first time and like to explore in a grammatical way.


MS Word

1. Creating an MS Word File, Save, Delete, Restore and Rename

2. Chose an Alternative Location, Copy, Cut, Paste and Shortcut

3. Exploring Menu Bar: Home: Typing a Paragraph

4. Cut, Copy, Paste, Format, Bold, Italic, Underline, Change Front, Front Size, Color & Highlight text

5. Bullet, Number, Line Spacing, Find and Replace, Align

6. Other Features: Print Preview and Print

7. Insert: Shapes, Clip Art, Word Art, Picture, and Header Footer

8. Page Layout: Margin, Orientation, Size, Columns, Water Marks, Page Color, Page Boarder,

 9. Review: Spelling and Grammar, Word Count, Comment

10. View: Ruler, Zoom in and Out, Undo and redo, Save as, Table, Add Row, Delete Rows, Marge

11. Bangla & English Tying

MS Excel:

12. Home: Understanding Row and Colum

13. Typing, Cut, Copy, Paste, Format, Bold, Italic, Underline, Change Front, Front Size, Color & Highlight text, Bullet, Number, Line Spacing, Find and Replace, Align

14. Making a data Sheet, Rename, Warp, Marge Cells, Shorting, Insert: Charts, Picture,

15. Page Layout: Theme, Color, Print Area, Background

16. Function: Auto Sum, Deduct, Multiple, Division, Percentage, Max and Mini, Find and Replace

MS Power Point:

17. Initials to make Power Point Presentation

18. Choosing a Topic, Collecting Information,

19. Exploring Menu Bar, Home Menu, Insert Menu, Design Menu

20. Using Built in Power Point template, Exploring Layout and Selecting desired one

21. Typing or Message Writing Techniques and Tips

22. Inserting Shape, Align Shapes, Picture, Audio and Video

23. Adding Animation: Slide Transaction and Customized Animation, Formatting Text

24. Design: Themes, Background, Transaction, Animation, Slide Show and Review

25. Development: Link Slides, Hyper-links, Finalization

Microsoft Visio:

26. Understanding diagrams

27. how to draw diagrams

28. Specific diagrams for specific purposes

29. how to save diagrams for various purposes.

30. Identify company requirements.

31. creative design for diagrams

32. knowing tools for diagrams

33. using vaious tools for required purposes.

34. collective information to show in diagrams.

Internet & Social Media 2019

• Email Creation and Internet Browsing

• Facebook,

• Youtube

• Social Media Marketing

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